Enamel and Silver broach Mauri Maunsell Pendant, enamel and pure silver, Mauri Maunsell

Brooch enamel, pure silver, stainless steel pin

Pendant enamel, pure silver

Amethyst Ring

9ct Gold



Sterling Silver, 9 ct Gold, Azurite



At Left - Cast sterling silver. ring,
fabricated sterling silver figure
, amethyst


Right -- Cast sterling silver ring,
fabricated 9ct gold, citrine

"Brooch for the Corporate Climber"

Purple heart fold formed patinated copper



9 ct Gold, Diamonds and White Tourmaline



Fabricated and Cast 18 Ct Rose Gold, Amethysts, Green Garnets



Fabricated and Cast 9 ct Gold, Green Garnets



Torso Series Brooch

Sterling Silver, Patinated Copper, 9 ct Gold

Torso Series Brooch

Sterling Silver Titanium, Amethyst, 9 ct Gold


Torso Series Brooch

Stainless Steel

Torso Series Brooch

Sterling Silver, Titanium, 9ct Gold

Torso Series Brooch

Carved & Laminated Boxwood, Lignum, Vitae, Paduuk,
Rhodolite, Garnet & Sterling Silver Back

Brooch "Life on the Shelf"

European Oak, Purple Heart, Ebony, Cast Sterling Silver

Paper Knife "Pinnacle of Success"

Stainless Steel, 9 ct Gold Figure

Mauri Maunsell Paperknife

Paper Knife

Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium, Ebony, Cast 9ct Gold Figures, Sterling Silver

Brooch "Song of the Loon"

9 ct Gold, Sterling Silver and Wood


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